5 reason for using us

Legal - occupational health requirements are reinforced in Civil Law and or Criminal Law, It is accepted that without the extra ‘encouragement’ of potential regulatory action or litigation, many companies would not act upon their implied moral obligations

Insurance - Insurance companies are eager to avoid claims in respect to Public and professional liability, when this occurs, employers can find themselves the subject of common law claims, therefore adhering to health and safety as an employer you can limit and control a potential claim.

Moral Obligation - every employer has a moral obligation to reduce the number of workplace injuries and fatalities by ensuring workplaces are as safe as they can be.

Accident Prevention - Ourselves as safety consultants, in line with legislative guidance, can help eliminate potential dangerous activities in the workplace. This in itself should be an excellent reason for employers to implement appropriate safety controls and measures in the workplace.

Cost Reduction - Outsourcing your health and safety function is the only cost effective way to stay within the law and become known to your industry as low risk, this will only increase the likelihood of your company in winning more contracts.

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